Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tonight's adventure: a hat!

Hi !
Tonight's adventure: Halloween costume, and specifically, a hat!
My little guy with autism decided he wanted to be his panda again. Done! Saves me some work!
Little brother has been wishy-washy and not particular. Last year, I seatched for, and came across, a tutorial for a striped Dr Suess hat, at The animal costume I've used for the last two years running, Butterick 3238, has options for cats, bunnies, monkeys, lions and bears (OH My!). I've only used the bear (made a panda and a Winnie the Pooh).

Bet you can't guess which animal little brother's going to be, after I show you the hat!

After picking up big brother from school with parent/teacher conference, the little guys and I headed to Joann to get red and white felt for the hat.

Have you guessed yet?
This is as far as I got tonight.

I'm so ridiculously proud of my mad matching seams skills. It's one thing I do really well, whether I'm matching star points or simple stripes like this.

What do you do well, that you should pat yourself on the back for more often?

I'm not trying to make myself scarce, but I haven't gotten much done, because my wrists and hands have been so sore and numb. Apparently, according to my doctor, any nerve and tendon damage can get worse with pregnancy, since pregnancy hormones relax joints and muscles to make room for baby...and that affects the whole body.

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