Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ALYOF--December finish

Well, I didn't get a whole lot done.

I got one block done on the baby's sampler.

I finished the top of the Solstice Moda Love mini-quilt.

Thanks for everyone's opinion on Facebook. I really love the red border. I have a whole layer cake of Solstice to use, and some fat eighths I picked up, so I will save the large green prints for those projects...I really want to show them off because of their larger scale, and a mini-project won't do that.

I'm sure I accomplished more, but I just can't think much. It doesn't feel like I have. Post-partum depression stinks; I've been fatigued and depressed this month very badly. Maybe there are lots of people who will gasp and criticize me for being truthful and honest about it in public, but that's my life. Hiding depression doesn't make it get better, anyway. I probably just need to go back to the doctor anyway.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday sandwich


So I just came up with that--holiday sandwich. Those few days between Christmas, my son's birthday, and New Years!

Christmas was good to us. We had lots for what we needed and wanted. And enough to budget for S.'s and the baby's birthdays, too.

My sewing swag:
Plus, a new pair of machine quilting gloves, and materials to make a design wall! And some random fabric.

Christmas Eve baking cookies with my little guy! Yum!

Gifts from Uncle T.

And now some birthday fun!

S. adores Angry Birds!

Oops, grandma's face didn't make it in the shot!

Uncle T and Uncle J. They love their nephews, and they love their uncles. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Not much but Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve!
I'm not getting much sewing done, but my hubby's on shift and I'm spending time with the kids.

Yesterday, my middle boy helped me make gingerbread men and snowmen, and daddy's favorite butter cookies. After baby woke up, we bundled up, walked to the mailbox, and delivered a few plates of cookies and fudge to neighbors.

We read Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg this morning. My boys love that story and the movie. I think we'll be watching it, snuggling in quilts together, tonight before bed.

I'm very excited for some of the boys' gifts and to see their faces. I'm all done with Christmas wrapping. I'm also excited for some of the things for quilting that I was able to get for myself!

And I'm working on piecing blocks for the baby's star sampler, and writing a class review for Craftsy.

We can't wait till my hubby gets home from shift in the morning, to celebrate! (Then it will be my turn to work in the evening at the ER.)

I finally found a pine tree block that I like, and can't wait to find time to try it!

I've also been a member of Bonnie Hunter's " Quiltville's Open Studio" Facebook page, and today I was able to join Pat Sloan's "Quilt Along with Pat" Facebook page. It's so fun to share in two huge groups, with thousands of quilters from around the world. So many pictures of Christmas and holiday quilts and trees from all over the world!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mini Solstice


I've finally finished piecing together the mini-charm Moda Love star with Solstice by Kate Spain!

And now, I think it needs a border. But I can't decide what to use.

Solid red?
Either of the green prints from Solstice?
Or frozen grey winter branches ?

Or solid red?


I know I've been MIA lately....I just get so little done each day, that I don't feel like I have progress to share.
Hubby's been sick, we're both working (he's working two jobs), getting ready for Christmas, dentist appts, and trying to make time for me and my hubby in between.  Hey, we finally got Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so watching those took up two evenings of mini-date, with no sewing for me.

I need to fit in some time to read the Hunger Games series, now that I've seen 2 of the 3 movies. Sometimes movies are so different than their books, that I often prefer to watch movies first. That way, I'm not sitting during the whole movie, waiting for scenes from the book, critiquing dialogue, getting frustrated with stuff that's changed or cut out. I just enjoy the movie.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

ALYOF: December Goal

Wow, one week into December already!

I have so much that I want to get done!
It's hard to believe another year is almost over.

So here I goal:

--Piece the baby's stars
--piece together the ModaLove quilt tops with Solstice and Sunnyside.
--I need to conquer the bulk and start quilting the Swoon quilt again. (I doubt that's going to happen this month.)

My Christmas wish list this year:
--a design wall (I want to get foam insulation board and cover it with a Fons and Porter Design Wall fabric)
--an ironing cover for my cutting table --Check! It's on the way.
--maybe an ergonomic rotary cutter

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Win win--yay

I'm so excited! I love getting mail.

I won two giveaways during the blog tour for Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 10.

The first was Blue Ribbon Designs block "4 Corners of Happy". Belinda not only included a copy of the magazine, but she sent me her block, patches and appliqué all cut out on her Accuquilt, ready to piece and fuse. Whoopppeee. I've never pieced any quilt pieces that were due cut, before.

The second, is one of the daily giveaways from Quilty Pleasures and QM themselves!

Hand-dyed batiks, Robert Kaufman fat quarters, fall-themed patterns, thread clips, a Handiquilter badge reel, a 100 Blocks Vol 3 mug, and a roll of Quilter's Preview Paper by Quilter's Touch.

Yippee skippy fun goodies!
Thank you!