Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I love Craftsy!

Craftsy online classes are wonderful. 

They are professional, easy to use, accessible anytime, anyplace, as many times as you want! Once you "purchase" a class, it's yours forever. The instructors are kind, supportive, fun, and good teachers. I love the Craftsy platform, because: you can ask questions, post pictures, post your own projects, answer questions from other students, and get answers back from the instructors and other students.

Craftsy has great supplies for great prices, too.

I enjoy learning with Craftsy so much, I decided to become a Craftsy affiliate. I can review the classes I take here on my blog, and review the wonderful fabrics and supplies they offer, too. They offer a bit of compensation as an affiliate; how cool is that?!

Try them! Here's one of their affiliate links to get us started:

Go to Craftsy=

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