Friday, January 16, 2015

Sampler progress

Here's my progress on the last few days, on the baby's star sampler.

Amish Star, and Weathervane star.

Oh wow. I just counted, and I've done 12 blocks! I still have one more that I've cut out, that I need to sew. Hmmmm. Now I have to decide which ones to include in the quilt, and what I will do with the extra.

I'm pretty excited, because I've done 12 blocks, which is my plan. And baby's first birthday is next week!

And I'm loving having a design wall, even though it's not really finished, nor hung on the wall yet. It's standing on its side, balanced on the back of the table, leaning against the wall it will hang on. I still need to cover the other board. And hubby and I need to go to the hardware store, to figure out what kind of hooks that we will hang them on.

The design wall is great, because I can put pieces up, instead of laying them on the table--clear up my work space a bit. Also, vertically seeing the blocks really helps with layout and visualization. Oh yeah, and my pictures are better, because there's no shadow that my phone casts on the block !

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