Saturday, August 27, 2016

Finish and progress

This week's finish is brought to you by Daine's Cotton Shop in Provo, UT. I went there to shop Row by Row Experience, for a pattern and a kit to swap. I was also looking a for a baby panel.

I found out just a few weeks ago, that my manager and his wife are not only expecting a baby girl, but he is also starting a new job at another hospital in our network....half the state away, in Southern Utah. So they are moving! I thought that a fun double-duty gift would be a baby quilt, but it would have to be simpler and less complicated than my usual work--and fast!

I finally found this cute Noah's Ark pre-printed panel, also pre-quilted. It just needed a trim and binding.

But I couldn't just let the sparse, all-over quilting alone. It needed a personal touch! So I outlined the ark, animals, borders, the clouds and rainbow. I even emphasized those adorable animal eyes!  Then I made a binding and applied the binding.

And I happened to be working at the same hospital where my manager has his office, so I finished this little cutie in time to deliver it to him personally, right after I clocked out.

I made him say "proud daddy" instead of "cheese" before I snapped the picture.

What a cute finish!

Other news:
Making progress on making continuous fusible bias binding in green. I'll need it for a few of the Row x Row patterns.

And finally had a chance to get thicker template plastic, so I could start cutting Drunkards Path pieces for Summer Solstice.

The kiddies started school this week, and I've been busting my body, walking them to school and back each day, pushing baby brother in the stroller. I have got to get back to working out!

And I've had a sore throat all week...I'm hoping I'm not getting yet another sinus infection. I'm worn out and sore all over.

My idea of a good, relaxing time on a Saturday night has certainly changed over time: my hubby is on shift at the firestation, so I want to get the kids to bed, put on a favorite movie of mine (not animated), and cut quilt pieces. Ha ha!

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