Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday, sampler tip

Hi all!
I guess I'm starting to get confused with all the things I want to do/ have started. Here's my list:
1-Casings and hems on my peasant blouse.
2-start sewing the skirt for my sister-in-law. The pieces are sitting on my table.
3-Cut and mark corner patches for my Winding Ways block, for my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I ran out of background fabric while cutting the last few blocks. I bought and washed more (and cut out my peasant blouse from it) recently). I guess I forgot to write down which patches I had missed, because when I pulled the Winding Ways Baggie so I could hand piece at work, I found out which ones I missed!

Tip: when doing samplers, I like to sit and cut pieces for each block all at once. To keep them sorted, I put each block into zipper plastic baggies, with the cut patches, cutting and piecing instructions, and the picture of the block colored with the fabrics. (My Quilt-Pro software prints out all of that on one sheet.. Well, except for piecing instructions--books are great for that!) Then all the baggies get stacked into a bucket for that project. Include the book or anything else you'll need for reference in the basket.
That way, when I feel like sewing, all I have to do is pull out a Baggie, layout the patches into the block, and start sewing!

End of the day Report on what I actually accomplished:
Got all the pieces for the Winding Ways block, in 12" size, and almost a of the pieces for a 6" version. That happened in between sharing my folding table with the little guys' puzzles and coloring, and learning Signing Time. Oh yeah, and starting to potty train!
Peasant blouse: Got the hems done, and the elastic casings for sleeves and waist secure, ready to thread elastic. Then I discovered I am out of 1/4" elastic for the sleeves. Darn it! Guess that's a good place to quit for the night.

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  1. Well that list oc accomplishments for the day doesn't sound bad at all.