Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hand piecing

Amazing how we sometimes get in a groove and forget about something for awhile. For me, it's handwork. I love to cross stitch. I don't mind hand slip-stitching my bindings on my quilt--I'm pretty dang fast once I get going, and my stitches are pretty even. I like being able to have control over the fabric and my stitches. And it's really relaxing for me. Having something creative and productive to do with my hands frees up my mind for listening or thinking. I wish I could take handwork to church meetings! One of my favorite things is cuddling up comfy with my cross stitch, quilt, dress hem, template plastics, or other project, and watching my favorite movie. Sometimes, even at work I can squeeze it in. I work as a Registrar in the Emergency Room, so sometimes if I'm working check-in registration in Triage for walk-in patients, there's downtime. I call myself a pretty voracious reader, but sometimes it's nice to have something besides reading to do during downtime.
Somehow I had the inspiration to take my Dresden plate with me last Sunday, when I worked at a smaller hospital last Sunday morning. And I was able to get 3 quarters of my Dresden hand-pieced in between patients. And it's fun explaining to patients and coworkers what I'm doing, and sharing what I love to do with others.
So then I decided to try the Winding Ways with hand piecing. I have to admit that I enjoy the curves even more with hand piecing, because you have much more control over the fabrics, especially with smaller pieces.

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  1. Nice. I don't mind hand sewing my bindings but I wish it went even faster. I have been a counted cross stitcher for years and years but I haven't done much of that lately....quilting takes front and center most of the time now.