Sunday, December 23, 2012

Matching stripes

LOL. Giggle.

I had you going, huh? Nope, I'm not trying some new modern quilt. I'm wrapping Christmas presents! And birthday presents, too.

This paper has big stripes, so it was easy to use the stripes for cutting guides, then match the stripes to keep the paper straight and look neat.

Since my little guy's birthday is right after Christmas, we always plan the Christmas budget to split up the presents for him, some for Christmas and some for birthday. Whew, I think I'm all done. So no sewing again tonight.

I have this cool new tool, designed just for cutting wrapping paper. This one is from Scotch brand.

Slip the bottom tongue-shape under the paper so that the wrapping paper slides between the tongue and the upper guides. These guides are the blade-guards. Then simply push the tool away from you, and the paper cuts as it glides away!

Then turn the tool upside down, and there are two ridges in a V-shape between the tongue and handle. It's for curling ribbon! Grip the tool, lay the ribbon over the grooves with your thumb on top and a bit of pressure, and run the ribbon over the grooves. Wa-la! Curled ribbon! Which is way more safe than using scissor blades!

Oh wait, I got some more hand-embroidery done on the label for the yellow baby quilt. Yesterday, I got the label done and slip-stitched to the pink-and white baby quilt. Yay!

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  1. I know all about seperating the gifts into a birthday pile and a Christmas pile. We have to do that for both kidlets every year.