Friday, December 21, 2012

More fabric goodness

Yay! I got more fabric in the mail today! I know I've done some splurging lately, but this is some fabric I've been wanting to buy, and cuts I've been wanting to try. Plus, I just want to be a bit girly, too. I'm the only girl in my house, and I do love quilting for my boys. However, I've gotten hooked on girly quilts lately, while I've been working on girl quilts for gifts.

And I guess as you can tell from the picture, Riley Blake Designs is my new favorite designer. Besides being local to where I live, they just have cute designs. I had to get more from Craftsy because of the great deals. I also realized that Riley Blake cuts usually contain about half of what most other cuts by other companies have. For example, a jelly roll typically has 40 strips. Riley Blake Rolie Polies seem to have about 20 strips. . So I needed to get two of the same roll to equal enough for the Jelly Roll Quilts book patterns.
Also, A typical layer cake has about 40 pieces, and Riley Blake's "Stackers" seem to have about 21, which I wish I'd realized when I placed my order. That seemed to apply to the charm stackers, too.

I was trying not to spend too much, but I wish I'd bought more, at those prices..

But that doesn't diminish how pleased I am with the beautiful fabric!

Left to right Rolie Polies: Prairie Rose, and two of "So Sophie".
A charm stacker of "Willow" and a 10" stacker of "Pieces of Hope".

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  1. Great additions to your stash. And I agree...I wish the sizes of the precut packs were all the same. That would be much easier.