Friday, January 11, 2013

Fusible bias tape

Ok-I'm finally trying this fusible bias tape making.

First I had to make continuous bias.
The width of the cut bias strips is 3/4", according to the instructions on the bias tape maker. I used the Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker in 3/8" finished width.

I used the instructions for making continuous bias from a square of fabric, from McCalls Quick Quilts "Bound and Determined: Finish That Quilt!" This is a great little guide and I refer to it a lot when doing my bindings. It has great little charts with math done for you, and instructions!

Then, following the instructions on the tape maker, I inserted Clover paper-backed fusible tape into the upper plastic guide with the paper side up, and the wrong side of the fabric strips facing up, or the fusible tape. Pull them through slightly together, use a hot small iron (again, I used Clover's mini iron), and pull the tape maker a few centimeters at a time, pressing for a few seconds right as the tapes come out of the maker.

*** Tip: as the seams connecting the strips feed through the maker, pin them to the ironing board as you press it...the bulk is a bit much, and the edges of the fabric might escape the melted fusible. Wiggle it back under the fusible tape with a pin, then Pin through the paper tape, the fabric and the ironing board until cool.

Phew! It's slow work, but I have a comfy office chair, and thank goodness my ironing board can raise and lower!

There's no time to try it out on a Celtic knot tonight, and I have a migraine too. And the little guy might need to go to the doctor in the morning. Hubby already fell asleep in the recliner, with his xbox game character perpetually running into a wall. :-) He had almost no sleep at the fire station last night!

Goodnight! I'll keep you updated!

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