Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skirt and quilting progress

I finally got the skirt done for my sister-in-law. It's a New Look pattern, and it wasn't difficult. I'm not a fan of pink, I'm actually a purple-type of girl--my favorite color is purple-- but even I enjoyed the fabrics she picked out. I loved the floral godet insets that just "pop" against the solid pink skirt.

I found these adorable embroidered tags that come in a long row, that you can cut apart and sew onto projects, and can be personalized with your name. I found them at Annie's catalog, formerly Clotilde. They have several styles to choose from, and have the most labels for the price that I've seen.

The only thing I changed, was that I put in an invisible zipper instead if a lapped zipper (that's what my sister in law bought for it). Not a problem!

I guess one of the reasons it took so long, is because my "hang up" is doing zippers. I will sew everything I can on the project, and then when I get to the zipper, I end up putting away the whole project. I literally need to force myself to just get through it, even though I found a type of zipper I'm pleased with the results about: invisibles.

I actually prefer invisible zippers to any other type. I absolutely refuse to do centered zippers anymore on clothing--they never turn out looking good! And once I bought a Bernina invisible zipper foot for my Bernina machine, it was great!

Do you have a sewing or quilting hang up? Is there something you dread doing? How do you make yourself sew a step or technique that you don't enjoy, but is necessary to complete a project?

Then, here are a few pictures of the yellow and gray quilt as I'm getting the quilting progressing. I'm using the walking foot, and using the edge of the foot + moving my needle farther to the left or right, for the straight lines. Since I don't like turning the whole quilt under my tiny sewing machine each time I turn a corner, I attempted putting the machine on reverse mode. Then I wouldn't need to turn, just move left or right to my next stitching line. Yeah, I learned the walking foot and machine really don't work well in reverse. After Facebook messaging my local Bernina store, they told me it wasn't meant to go backward! *sigh* back to turning I go!

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