Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ambulances, help with pink!

I've got my paper-pieced ambulances done. I just need to add a bumper & background pieced strip underneath, and a background strip above the ambulances. I will add all those after I have ALL the rescue vehicles paper-pieced. There are four vehicles each of ambulance, fire truck, and ladder truck.

Once again, these rescue vehicles are from "To The Rescue" in Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. It's still available as a digital download issue at Quilt and Sew Shop.

I like to remove the paper in the seam allowances before piecing the sections together. There is less bulk, and if there's any matching seams to do, sections ease together better without stiff paper in the seam allowances.
Then I leave the rest of the paper on the blocks until I'm ready to sew them into the quilt top.
I also have all the strips cut for the fire truck.

I'm linking up with Quiet Play's Friday Paper-Piecing Party.

Also, quick design question:

See this gorgeous roll up by Jennifer Paganelli? It's called Girls World Vibe. It's only got 15 strips. I want to use it for a  small girly project that I want to try, and I want to use some stash. What do you think of this pink blender? Should I use it for a background for the strips, or a backing? Or should I use plain white for the background?


  1. Oh I think Blogger ate my comment!

    Loving how your blocks are coming together. I made one of the firetruck blocks from that pattern - they are cute!

    As for the jelly roll strips, I think a white solid would really make them pop!

  2. Great fire engine block! Have to dig out my QM magazine... my nephews would love this.

  3. Those blocks are amazing. And FYI if you recently changed your post font to Gray you can't read it with the green page background. I had to read your post in Feedly.