Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Swoon Backward, One Swoon Forward

Remember this?

What do you see first?
Yup, me too. As it's been laying flat on my cutting table, waiting as I gather backing fabric and background fabric (next week probably)....I've been staring at it every day.

Saturday after work, I stopped by the Cotton Shop because I knew they carried Pieces of Hope. Did they have the orange stripe? Yup, yay! Did they have the blue stripe? Nope, sigh.
Saturday night, I was so tired that I took the above block to the recliner love seat, to pick it apart and take out the blue parts. That way I could still put my feet up, feel productive, and cuddle with my hubby, which I haven't been able to do much of during the last few weeks.

Here are the units all taken apart. They look so forlorn, and I felt so sad to take it all apart--one Swoon--I mean step--backwards!

Sunday night, I cut out four more rectangles of the orange stripe, and had enough red solid + red blender, from the bundle, for the orange stripe flying geese, AND enough red for background for another block. In the picture above, the new cut pieces are in the upper left.

Monday night, my hubby was still on shift, and I cut and maneuvered the rest of the blue stripe fat quarter, to get all the pieces necessary for a whole block. (I had to piece 4 scraps together to get two more squares!). I was so proud I did it!
Then I cut more blue mini-puzzles for the second color of the block.

Wa-la! Another block complete with background, ready to sew!

You can see the stripe/flying geese units already completed on the upper right!

(this baby is going on a growth spurt inside, I swear, because I'm constantly hungry the last few days and headachy and extra exhausted!)
So despite feeling so hammered this afternoon, I managed to slowly put the orange stripe block back together. 

I did it!!!! A step and a half forward again! Sew very much better, right? It was worth it!


  1. Yes Yes Yes I'm so glad you redid it... I love it!

  2. Looks great! But I liked it the other way too :)

  3. The work was worth it. I like keeping a simple palette when I'm quilting.