Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thanks, 2nd week home

Hi everyone

Thanks for your kind words about my new little guy. They've trickled in all week and helped sustain me through a very difficult week. 

On Monday, when i was taking the last of my pain meds, which usually means the post-C-section pain is subsiding and healing, the pain suddenly ramped up again. A call, breathless from pain, to my doctor on Tuesday morning, resulted in a CT in the afternoon. That determined a uterine infection. More pain meds and an antibiotic, and the pain has really been brutal the rest of the week.

Thursday I thought I was a bit better, and tried to skip napping in the afternoon after Connor's feeding, and go to bed early with him when we put the other boys to bed. I made banana bread (waste not the bananas), and cut background squares and triangles to finish the Tennessee/Liberty Star and Star of Glory that I had started for Connor's star sampler.  I also cut out paper foundations and measured them for strip cutting for another block, Crossed Diamonds Star (QM 100 Blocks Vol 7).

That backfired. Connor didn't let me sleep all night. When I finally got him down in the wee hour before S.'s bus came, my whole upper body was frozen in pain. My dear hubby insisted that I sleep in the recliner in the baby's room (easy to get into and out of with my pain and multiple feedings), and sleep and eat whenever he's asleep. Period. Nothing else. And let him take care of everyone else.  That has included cooking, meals, bus for S., regular laundry, and potty-training a 4-yr-old that's finally decided he's ready!!! And picking up a baby that's newly-awakened so that I can do bathroom time.  What a wonderful hubby!
Tonight, after the first shower in three days for me, I found this:

Tired daddy with fussy baby, taking time to chill, while I shower and eat dinner. Priceless!

Goodnight all!


  1. Bless your heart. I wish I could offer to come and help, sometimes a new mama just needs a little help... Praying for you and all of yours this morning!

  2. I hope you get to healing soon - I never had a c-section but I did have a hysterectomy and I imagine the pain is similiar - I didn't have a newborn to cope with though and that makes it a lot worse for you - glad your baby is ok though!

  3. Oh Rachell I am so sorry that your recent days with your new little guy have been so difficult. I do hope you are healing now and will be feeling much better soon.