Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Proof that I have little boys.

Little J wanted to help me drive the sewing machine this morning, as I'm trying to put the rest of the x's and oh's together and finish the quilt top. That meant, he wanted to push "the gas pedal" with his own foot. It's a little tricky, and I gotta keep my hands out of the way as I guide the fabric, because he can't keep a consistent speed and can't or won't stop right away when I say "stop".

When he decided he was finished helping, he ran off and forgot his toy and his "treasure map" that he drew for me (which happens to be the cardboard insert from a package of bias tape).

He wants to know what this button does, or that gadget on the sewing machine does what, and wants to do it right then (this time it was the bobbin winder).

Last night, I caught some of my boys on a photo while playing.

In other news, Quiltmaker Magazine posted my block that I shared on their Facebook page! I thought it was appropriate to share my version of one of the 100 Blocks during the 100 Blocks blog tour!

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