Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter treat--Hearts and More

Oh goodie!
The mail came today, and the quilting Easter Bunny came late. I got a treat!

Sue Pelland sent me a complete set of her new Hearts and More templates! My creative wheels are turning and it will be a lot of fun learning to use them!

This afternoon, it took three tries to get the baby to stay napping....the third try involved the baby swing in the sewing room!
I laid the Hugs n Kisses pieces down on the hallway floor outside my sewing room and started shuffling. (Oh boy, I think I need a design wall!)

Here's the layout I decided on.

I got the picture taken, centers pinned, rows and columns stacked and labeled, and cleaned up, before the baby woke up.

Speaking of....the baby just woke up again, so I'm off.

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