Monday, July 28, 2014

Peteetneet Quilt Show and Scottish Festival

Two fun events occur every year in my "small town": the Peteetneet Quilt Show, and the Scottish Festival.

The Peteetneet Quilt Show is put on every year at the old historic Peteetneet School. It's pretty much the oldest and largest building in my town. It's now a museum and community center. The show is small, but it's a lot of fun. They have a challenge kit every year, a featured artist, a few classes and a quilt walk on a Saturday. It runs for two weeks. It's not a judged show, but visitors can vote for their favorites.

I didn't have anything to enter this year, but I can't miss it. Here are some of my favorites:

Blogger Konda Luckau lives in my town, and made these first two quilts--hexagons! I liked the color combinations.

The next is a Judy Niemeyer pattern, that the maker made in a class in Arizona. I just love the color combination! The photo doesn't do the aqua and purples justice.

And this one is just cute! Shades of green blenders, in stars, surrounding greenwork  cross-stitched pre-printed blocks. The pale green as a background is really inspiring to me.

I know I had a few more, but a certain little boy with autism now knows the pass code on my phone and loves to look at pictures. Occasionally, he deletes a few in accident. And, I would have gotten more pictures, but I was alone with a baby in a stroller, and running after two rambunctious boys.

The Scottish Festival is the second weekend in July, Friday and Saturday, in the city park. We usually like to go on Friday night for the Ceilidh (kay-lee). There's live entertainment of Irish dancing, Celtic music, and all the vendors are set up. It's a lot of fun to walk under the huge trees, through the vendors and family Clan tents, sample Scottish food, browse the jewelry and trinkets, plaids, armor, family history booth, and listen to the music.

I've bought my matching Claddagh earrings and pendant, with my green Peridot birthstones, two consecutive years from Gypsy Moon Emporium.

My newest jewelry acquisition is this Celtic knot star.   Here it is, next to my Claddagh.

My other favorite booth to visit is Damsel in This Dress. Michelle is the owner of her company and designer of all the custom corsets, skirts, and vests. And it's fun that she does it out of her home, which is in next town over from mine. She has her website for custom orders, an Etsy and an Artfire store, and travels to a few Renaissance and Comic-con shows per year. If you've never tried on an amazing-fitting, slimming corset, you have got to try these! I own two now.

here's a picture of a display at her booth last year. I love the Revolutionary War military-style look in the "Vixen" corset, with the bustle skirt and peasant blouse (she also makes both of those from her own patterns).

Me the Pirate, dressed up for Halloween 2012 at work in the ER. This is Damsel's "Vixen" corset. I made the satin skirt.

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