Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day's work

Two posts in one day. That's unusual for me! But I had to share some thoughts.

Jack in the Box

And all the sections of my New York Beauty.

Part of my goal of this month was to get some progress made on the rest of my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks. Here's one completed and another 3/4 way through.

I was stitching away tonight, listening to the Aloha Quilt on CD by Jennifer Chiaverini, learning through her character Bonnie, more about Hawaiian appliqué-style and Hawaiian quilting. And I was thinking about my own project of Hawaiian-style appliqué that I'm working on. 

I was suddenly struck by this awe, this reverence, for a new culture, a new style, a new tradition, and the opportunity and inspiration that I've been given to learn this new skill. I haven't done much appliqué and haven't liked a lot of it that I've seen...but this is different. I know that I've been blessed from my Heavenly Father with talents to learn, develop and share, and the intelligence and desire to seek to learn something new, and the desire to bless the lives of others with my talents.

I just hope that I can decide on a design to complement and enlarge my appliqué into a quilt.
And I hope that I can finish in time for the recipient to enjoy it before she passes on.

Wow. Does anyone else ever feel this flash of divinity while working on this lovely, useful, artistic obsession that we call quilting?

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