Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fire station birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. However, he is on shift at the fire station. Today is day 2 of his 48-hour shift. I knew this was coming, so I planned a surprise. My 5-yr-old wasn't very good about keeping a secret all week, but luckily, hubby didn't figure it out.

Yesterday, I had time to make cake and frosting, and decorated the cake after they went to bed.

Then we finally made it into the car, the boys and I (and a tired, cranky baby), drove 60 miles to my husband's station. When we pulled into the parking lot, I called my hubby's cell and said "delivery". He thought I was home and had gotten the mail. I told him to come outside and see, and he understood pretty quickly, but....."we're not at the station, but we are driving back right now."

He was surprised, but tired, as was his crew. They were very quiet, as that was the first chance they had to sit down all day, and their last.

The boys were so excited, and talked a lot, but were well-behaved. They loved seeing daddy, even the baby...he just wanted to be cuddled by dad. So Wayne carried him around while he showed the boys the engine and the station. The boys actually talked to the crew as they met each one, super-excited about the cake and to show it off.

We didn't stay long, but it was good. After a long drive home and splurging on fast food, it was good to hang out with the boys until bedtime. Even though the baby had some teething pains and couldn't nap.

And I made another cake tonight after the boys were in bed. Just a rectangle this time, with red frosting. Wayne's brothers and mom are coming over tomorrow for BBQ and cake. We usually only have his family for birthdays, and we celebrate whenever we can all get together. It's important to us to be together as a family, and we keep the party small so that S. doesn't get overwhelmed. Even though a bunch of New Yorkers aren't that quiet, it's still fun with the NY boys swapping loud work stories and rough-housing with the kids.

Now I'm off to get a bit of FMQ done and get some sleep.

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