Thursday, September 25, 2014


I can't decide whether my Hawaiian-style appliqué quilt top is finished. It looks so beautiful!

I fussy-cut the border to show off the long, vertical leaf pattern, and thought I would echo those leaves for the quilting designs.

But right now, the top is only just 40" square. Is that big enough to cuddle with as a hospice quilt?  I really love the 44x60 size.

The whole premise of an Hawaiian-style is balance, peace, nature, symmetrical. I definitely think I captured that!

But I very much wanted to incorporate some daisies into the design, since Vai loves daisies too.
I thought a narrow aqua border on the sides, with an aqua wider border on top and bottom, with appliqué daisies in white and purple.

Would that take away from the balance and harmony and detract from the lovely center plumeria?

So I've been playing with my new set of Hearts and More templates by Sue Pelland. I'm trying to get the hang of them, and the templates + rotary cutter = definitely faster than cutting with scissors!
And I'm trying to figure out sizes, too.

The one in the picture above is roughly 6" across.

It's fun being able to cut lots of different shapes and sizes with just one template!

I'm also just trying to get a feel for what the quilt would look like with my desires, too.

However, I learned today some news that might just force the issue of not adding more, and just finish the quilt!

Vai has been discharged from the hospital to home, with hospice care once again. She is on air all the time, sleeps a lot, and is in terrible pain. My aunt, her adopted grandma, thinks her time on earth is very short now. I very much want to have her cuddle with the quilt before she passes.
Oh dear. Decisions, decisions.

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  1. That is a really tough decision to make. Good luck.