Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pageant prep

My work for last night and today is hand-work, with squirmy invisible thread!

I applied the rhinestone trim and pin to this cute swimsuit with Superior invisible monofilament polyester thread. By hand. You can't see it, which is great, but it sure took longer than I thought it would, because it's fine, thin, curly thread and hard to see! It kept getting caught on all the rhinestones and little branches of the pin.

My cute neighbor is in the "Miss" teen city royalty pageant tonight, and her mama, my friend, called me in tears because she  had a whoops and couldn't finish the embellishment herself. No worries!
(Here in Utah, each city has a week-long festival during the summer, themed with whatever our city is known for, and we have parades and events, too. The senior high school girls compete in a pageant to crown the royalty to show off and preside at these events and city service opportunities. Our city's festival is Onion Days, held during Labor Day, and we also have the Scottish Festival during July.)

So I get to add another accomplishment to my sewing repertoire:

Two wedding dresses
One pageant swimsuit embellishment.

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