Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day

Ok, so I'm a week late to wish all of you a happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day involved attending HMQS, and running to my local Bernina on Monday.

At HMQS, I bought this gorgeous panel "Home of the Free" by Stonehenge for Northcott. The Patriotic girl in me just couldn't resist! Second, I found the Missouri Star Quilt Company booth, and bought two of the Binding Tool (2" width and 2 1/2" width), and the Binding Tool Star pattern. So drool-worthy a pattern, and a nifty little tool! Jenny Doan's co-workers were so funny and knowledgeable about using the tools, and good salespeople! She nearly convinced me to buy the set of all three Binding Tools, but I just didn't have enough cash!

I was saving some to get the presser foot that I wanted! So Monday, with my mailing coupon and cash in hand, I headed to my Bernina store, Dave's Bernina in Provo, Utah, and found the foot I wanted! They almost always have in stock what I want, and they continue to have feet and parts for my little Bernina, even if it's 18 years old!

It's the #71 foot, the 8 mm flat-fell foot. I read a great tutorial on a blog about using the foot to make even, pretty machine-binding in quilts, and I've really wanted to try it.

Now I just need to get some quilt tops quilted so I can try it out. :-)

Ok, ok, I can't finish this post without mentioning my sweet little guys in school. They made adorable Mother's Day gifts in their classes, and they were so excited to wait until Sunday to give them to me. My son with autism has never been this excited before! He had 3 different cards he'd made, a silly photo of himself at school framed in a decorated paper frame, and all wrapped in homemade wrapping paper at school. So adorable!

J.'s gift was great, too. I just love his teacher! I got a flower keychain fob, cards, a fluffy purple flower on a pen (my favorite color) and a cute "about my mom" page filled out with my favorite things, all wrapped in J.-decorated wrapping paper. I just had to laugh with some of his answers on the page.

I love my boys!

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  1. In France, Mother's Day is this Sunday, may 31th

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