Friday, May 29, 2015

Travel pillows

Happy last day of school yesterday!
Sick kids again, and yesterday was the last day of school is the only day S. made it to school. At least kindergarten finished last week, so J. didn't need to miss school. Antibiotics have been started!

We are planning on a family trip this summer, and the kids still fall asleep on long car rides. Therefore, I decided to make neck pillows for all three of them!

My 5-yr-old requested a plain u-shaped pillow "like the pillow you used to feed the baby!"  So I used the same patterns, but omitted the animal-shaping details to ale them smooth u-shapes. J. and the oldest got pilloes in the same fleeces as the ponchos I made them. Lovely use of scraps, if I do say so myself.

The baby got the bunny shape...only because I thought he would probably chew on the ears and tail. He is still teething! And this will be his first road trip.

The pattern is called "Travel Nappers" by I think I found the pattern at Annie's Catalog.

Wish us happy driving!

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