Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elephant Parade top

Hi all !

I finally finished my Elephant Parade quilt top! Can I get a WOO-HOO !!!!

A huge shout-out to Kelly, who saw my plea for more blue background on Pat Sloan's Facebook page, and sent me some that she had bought!

It's the top and two side sashings of the blue background, that was all I had to finish, but I was completely out of it. And after searching and searching, it turns out Joann had discontinued the color. Kelly had a different brand, but it was named the same color name, and sent it to me. You can't even tell the difference!  Thanks so much to Kelly!

Tonight I did a lot of pressing fabric for quilt backings, measuring and marking centers.

I got pieces cut for piecing together two different backings. That's a lot of fabric!
Backing for Elephant Parade.
Backing for Sunnyside ModaLove.

I am all about getting prep work finished at once. That way, when I'm ready to start, I just pick up the pieces and put them together. In this case, it's quilt top + backing = layer and baste a quilt together. (All right, so I admit that I still need to cut batting too.)

I finished the back of Elephant Parade too! I found cute elephant flannel at Joann and Walmart.

Cute cute cute !
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  1. Oh, Rachell! It is such a pleasure to see your parade top all finished up! Thank goodness for quilty friends... Kelly to the rescue! Love those light coloured baby elephants and their brightly coloured ears. And the backing is super sweet. Can't wait to see this one all quilted up!!!

  2. Ooh I really like the elephants, especially the purple eared one! The backing flannel is really cute too.

  3. I love the elephant parade! Yours looks great. Nice find on the backing too.

  4. Way to go. It turned out adorable.