Saturday, July 18, 2015

Swappy stuff

I participate in a Facebook charm swap group. I got a bunch of envelopes ready and mailed yesterday. They consist of an August scrappy swap, and a bunch of birthday charms.

I'm also participating in Michele's Kate Spain Christmas Charm Swap. (
I asked for two spots, which means I need 4 fabrics. I had one print already from Solstice. 

Then I bought the red snowflakes from the new Jingle line at American Quilting in Orem, Utah (and picked up their Row by Row pattern too).

I ordered a bunch of Solstice prints from for an incredible price, and they had listed the red prints from Solstice. They called me before they shipped my order, saying that they didn't actually have any left of the red prints, so I substituted the blue ones, instead, because I love those prints. But since those prints were already spoken for in the swap, I actually received only 1 print that I could use for the swap, the Polaris green print.

So that still leaves me with 1 more fabric to buy for the swap.

Then I keep checking back at Joann's to find the Blue Radiance Country Classic solid that I need, to finish the Elephant Parade top's two side sashings.There is none to be had! They have discontinued that color! Frustration!

I appealed in Facebook to Pat Sloan's Quilt Along with Pat group, knowing that at least a few of 20,000-40,000 quilters in the group work at Joann's country-wide. One answered me back, and she actually had bought "blue radiance" but it was a "Made in the USA" solid, not a Country Classic. Joann's just recently started carrying Made in the USA solids. She sent me a yard, and here's the comparison.

Pretty darn amazing! The strip of mine (not wide enough for the sashing, as it's a ragged cut to straighten edges, all that's left of mine), is on top, and the Made in the USA yard is on the bottom. It's almost like it's a different dye lot, but you can barely tell.

I'm so happy! And grateful to belong to a generous group of quilters online!

I can't wait to cut my strips and get started, but I have to go to work now. Sunday night is calling my name already......

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