Thursday, April 7, 2016

Finish--Star Sampler

Hi !
I'm embarrassed by how long it's been since I posted. I'm not even going to peek to see how long! I guess it's been easier to post quick updates on my Facebook page.

Here we go: my baby's star sampler is finished! Although he is a toddler and in a toddler bed, the bed still uses a crib mattress, so crib-sized is great. I like crib sizes to be about 44x60", slightly rectangular. (I also happen to think 45x60 is a great adult lap size.) My older boys still use their crib star samplers on their beds and are very attached to them.

Don't you just love how the light illuminates through the yellows and silvers and the star patterns, almost like stained glass?!!

Connor's Winter Stars or Connor's Winter Starflakes. (Please vote!)
44 x 60"
12-12" star blocks with 2" sashing in a 3x4 layout.
Fabrics: Michael Miller Fair Frost in Gold, Black Diamonds, Silver, pale yellow; medium yellow blender from Cranston Village.
Backing: a strip of "made fabric" or "crumbs" leftover from paper-piecing the blocks. Snowflakes print from: "S'Noel" by Dana Brooks of Lazy Daisy Cottage for Henry Glass.
Blocks top L to Rt: Little Lone Star, Crossed Diamonds from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks collection, Starshine from, Star in the Window, Turning Star by Quilterscache, Dogtooth Violet by Jennifer Chiaverini, Folded Star from QuiltersCache, Amish Star, Mariners Compass by Jennifer Chiaverini, Silver and Gold, Morning Star, and Liberty Star from Jennifer Chiaverini.

I love using the Amish Star for an album or label block. This time, I decided to try embroidering the baby's name with my new embroidery machine.

I used several techniques for quilting. I like to mix it up. Whatever it takes to create my vision!
--The dreaming man in the moon, and the snowflakes, I copied by hand on tracing paper. Then I stitched FMQ through the paper.
--I used mostly dot-to-dot geometric filler shapes.
--I used my embroidery machine to quilt some of the snowflakes in corner squares and centers. And to embroider my son's name.
--used the walking foot quite a bit, and not just for stabilizing and SID (Stitch in Ditch).

And it still needs a label! I'm trying to figure out my embroidery machine's editing software.

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