Saturday, April 23, 2016

EZ Dresden Challenge Quilt

Since I am still getting requests based from this post, for a pattern, here is a link to my blog post in January 2014, with the tutorial !

Here is my EZ Dresden Challenge Quilt!
"Maltese Dresden"

It is 24" x 24" square quilt.
I call it my "Maltese Dresden" because it is the Maltese Cross, the symbol of American firefighters.
I used Robert Kaufman's "Marbleous" in Red for the main cross and fans and border, Robert Kaufman's "American Heroes" dalmation/firefighter print for the borders and backing, and random fat quarters for the fans.
Yes, I did use the EZ Dresden ruler to cut the Dresden blades!
I used Sue Pelland's "Leaves Galore" template ruler to help me cut those beautiful curves on the Dresden Plate blade units. I just left one blade out per quarter unit of the plate (16 total instead of 20).
I hand-embroidered the "scramble" in the center circle of the cross. The "scramble" consists of the helmet, axe, Halligan bar, ladder, and bugle. 
This is my husband's fire helmet; I thought it was very appropriate to stage it with the quilt because it is a quilt for my husband, the firefighter and paramedic.
I'm so very grateful I found this challenge, because it enabled me to dream up and design a quilt block with the Maltese Cross, which I have been struggling to do for quite a while.
I really felt like this deserved to be in the "Innovative" category. But by the time the design came together in my head, and I started with the mini quilt for the experimental phase and got that finished, I didn't have enough time or enough red Marbleous to do the required 50" size for Innovative.

If you want some more history of the Maltese Cross, and how it became the symbol of the firefighter, check out these links:

Now that I'm done with the challenge quilt, I'm going to use my design to create a twin-sized version, medallion-style, for my husband to take to the fire station with him, for his bed there. After all, he sleeps two nights a week there! I'm going to need a lot more of the "Marbleous!" in red to make it, though, so I need help finding some. :-)


  1. I love the flame quilting! This is such a special quilt!

  2. Spectacular!! That's really using your imagination!!

  3. Wow. I am blown away by this quilt. Really nicely done.

  4. This design is so creative! I love the curves and the symbolism. Nice work!

  5. Wow! Beautiful quilt and such a wonderful meaning behind it.

  6. I love this! Do you ever sell these?

  7. I love this, my husband is a firefighter as well. Would you be willing to sell your pattern to me? please contact me at

  8. Hi....Would you consider making one and selling it? Or at least the pattern?

  9. Hello,
    My husband and I both are volunteer firefighters. I love to quilt and sew in what little spare time I get. I was wondering if you would be willing to sell your patterns to me so that I can make some of them for us and our kids? my email is Thank You

  10. Hi all, looks like I need to update this post!
    Here is the link from Jan 2014, where I published a free tutorial for the Maltese Dresden.

    Hugs to all !

  11. Beautiful mini quilt and a great salute!!!