Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vacation Time 2015 topper finished

Happy May!
What? May? Already? Time flies!

I managed to finish my topper for 2015 Pat Sloan's Mystery BOM: Vacation Time !

Ok, I have no idea what I'm using for a backing. Ha-ha, that sounds like a familiar saying for me!

I think it still looks a little mixed up in the middle, because of pieced seashell sashing. I guess that I really like balanced, even rows, and someplace for my eyes to rest with a little order.

However, I love all my fabrics, and I'm super happy with the color scheme.

I love the color scheme so much, that if I can get going, I'll do this year's Pat Sloan "My Secret Garden" in the same colors. Or what I have left of them, anyway. This year's colors call for green, red, aqua, cream and navy. Last year, I substituted the red with purple, and green with aqua. Do you think it needs extra something? Maybe the navy? Or some golden yellow?

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