Friday, August 3, 2012

Block sizes, Hot Pads and Wedding Gifts

Since I recently remembered I could hand-piece, I've been cutting out 6-inch versions of my blocks to hand piece--blocks that I want to try and maybe "didn't have time to sew" or try otherwise. I used to somewhat stick up my nose at 6" blocks in samplers. I learned quilting with 12" blocks, the math is pretty simple in 12" blocks, and you need to make fewer blocks to get the size quilt you need, especially bigger quilts. And besides, I don't do well with smaller pieces, or small anything, because I get all fumble-fingered with small stuff--and after cutting some 6" blocks, there are some small pieces! But I've realized that hand-piecing is great for 6" blocks and small pieces! Love the greater control. I don't like marking my seamlines, but oh well--I don't do estimating or freehand well.
My Patriotic Sampler started with "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" by Jennifer Chiaverini. There are 142 6" blocks in the book. I chose 42 blocks and enlarged them up to 12" for my king-sized quilt, but there's still some I'd like to try. I chose the Winding Ways and Bridal Bouquet to try 6" and hand-piece.
Then I thought, "what am I going to do with two little 6" blocks?" oh, yeah, we're heading to a wedding in a week and we need to take a gift! Hot pads!
I'm not going to do a tutorial on hot pads, since I did a search and found some helps, so you can, too. I found in particular:

Hand-pieced with border machine-stitched.

Same, with Winding Ways.

Both layered, pinned, and ready for quilting.

Quilted and binding's sewn to pad. I like Sew Mama Sew's tutorial because she shows you how to make the hanging loop as a continuation of the binding. I was a bit confused, though, and thought it just needed a bit better picture of how to end the stitching.

And here they are! Aren't they so adorable!
I included a note with the card for the bride and groom, stating they were hand-pieced and they could use them as wall art or hot pads or both! (I personally put nails in the walls under my cabinets to display my hot pads and my darling Pampered Chef trivet, mostly because I have only one drawer in my whole kitchen. Really! Whoever designed the house plan wasn't that smart about what a functional kitchen needs!)
I hope the bride and groom adore them!

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