Friday, May 3, 2013

Maltese Dresden with a friend

Look what my friend Terra and I accomplished tonight! I taught her how to make my Maltese Dresden!

Trevor and Terra are on the local fire department and EMS here with my BIL and hubby, and Trevor and Tara got married last year.

Trevor and Terra came over to hang out last week, when they saw my Maltese Dresden and got super excited! They wanted one, and I said I'd show them how to make one--Trevor said his grandma taught him a bit about how quilting.They were so excited, they bought fabric this week.

My hubby went on shift today (Thursday). It was a hard day physically and emotionally for me, so I needed a friend's company. I called Terra and asked them to come over. Trevor got a callback, but Terra came over, and we started with the Dresden center medallion. We decided to set them on point this time, instead of square, like my original.

We talked and chatted, had Mountain Dew and chocolate, and made appliqué. She has done some sewing before, but nothing like her own grandma, who made quilts for Terra's wedding!

One for me, one for her! Set on point, with the corner triangles cut and ready to add.
We got the Dresden quarters cut, pieced, curves trimmed, and fused onto the backgrounds.

Here's my original Maltese Dresden, with a straight set.

I can't wait until next week when we can get together again! Quilting with friends really is so much fun!


  1. cute story . .and lovely dresdens . .if i lived closer i'd make you show me how to do it too! instead i'll just admire from afar!

  2. Love it of course! If I ever find the time, I'm going to try this.