Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Whoops! LOL.

Tonight I started putting together the units for my Swoon test block. I like to lay out all the pieces like the diagram to make sure I have enough of each piece and unit. Then I start sewing pieces and units into bigger units.

And guess what popped out at me, the second I had the corner units laid out? Stripe directions!  Can you see it? Does it bother you? It doesn't really bother me, surprisingly enough.

I was unsure when marking the diagonals  on the HST's (half-square triangles), which direction to mark. I haven't seen with a lot of stripes and plaids before, so I wasn't sure how the directions would end up once they were sewn.

The blue line on the bottom unit is the line I drew first, but I changed my mind. And sewed all the HST the same.
LOL--the story of my life with test questions, etc. My first impressions are usually right.

I guess I can't go back now! There's no more stripe!  ;-)

But now I think I can see the effect of the red background, and I think I'm gonna love it!

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