Monday, May 20, 2013

Pieces of Hope Swoon

Along other my husband's station quilt (see Maltese Dresden), my next quilt will be my son's Autism quilt. It will be twin-sized, and Thimbleberries' Swoon pattern. (aaagghhh, all if a sudden, I can't find the pattern; it's got to be around here somewhere!)

It will also be made from the Pieces of Hope Autism collection by Riley Blake.  I love this collection! I just have a wild urge to snap up as much of it s I can, because it's almost gone! Riley Blake did just announce they'll release Pieces if Hope 2 next February 2014.

I've thought and thought about what background to use, because the collection is such a pretty rainbow. Then I thought, why not red? Red is my little guy's favorite color. I am just worried that the orange prints will either clash with the red background or blend too much. Now, looking at the picture, I'm thinking it will be alright.  Your thoughts?????!

Maybe make a sample block to try it out?

I'm also thinking that I want the backing to be the red puzzle print on the left, above. I need a lot more, so If you find any, will you send some my way?

Then I was trying to figure out some color combos. Each star needs two fat quarters + background. Fun, huh?


  1. I think it will look great. Let me know if you don't find the pattern. and has the puzzle print so order it fast.

  2. Your Swoon will be stunning with a red background - love the other fabrics you are using too!