Sunday, August 4, 2013

Swoon cutting

I finished off my week by finally getting something accomplished, quilting-wise.

I finished cutting all the background pieces for the Swoon quilt!  Yay!

It was a lot of pieces. I was trying to get over my fear of cutting multiple layers. It was definitely a lot quicker. My wrists are sore, though. 

Part of my fear of multiple layers is the extra pressure that is needed in the ruler--to keep it from slipping, and also pressure on the rotary cutter.

Does it take more toll on your wrists to cut multiple layers at once, or cut single layers over and over again?

I developed tendinitis in both my wrists from working production clothing sewing for a year and a half, 9 years ago. They still bother me often, especially with repetitive motion, extended computer work, heavy cleaning, lifting children. I don't have a strong grip. I still get swollen wrists and numbness often.

Anyway, didn't mean to dump. Just wanted to celebrate a small accomplishment.
Any advice for making quilting tasks easier on the body?


  1. Yes the extra layers to cause more strain. I just had trigger thumb surgery because of holding a ruler. I also had carpal tunnel repair done at the same time. I'm 5 weeks out and wow what a difference. I highly recommend getting it fixed!

  2. I am finding that I do get pain in my wrists too. Especially when I try to cut a whole quilt at once. I do try often as I want to just get it over with. So I sympathize.

  3. I know what that feels like! I've been dealing with that problem for about 20 years. I wear a splint on my wrist when it gets really bad but mostly I'm careful with it. I'll probably get the surgery done when the kidlets are older.