Monday, August 26, 2013


So this morning, I cleaned my iron. And made the hubby mad, because the smoke detector went off again, despite the open window. This time, he was sitting in the same room! Two fans were required the clear the smoke. "Next time, clean that thing outside!" he declared.

When the iron was clean, I noticed something weird, and asked my hubby to inspect the iron. What I thought was baked-on starch or fusible residue, was breaks, scratches and bubbles in the Teflon coating on the iron's sole plate....and scattered across the plate. Oh great. The metal deteriorating through the Teflon was what was leaving black marks on the ridges of my pressed seams!

I definitely bought that iron before I met my hubby, so at least 10 years ago. Hubby suggested we should look for a new iron!  Yay!

Then I ironed a bunch of shirts for work with a clean iron. After lunch, I settled in for an afternoon of paper piecing. I got a section finished for the ladder trucks. Just one section left--the ladder--which will be the most time-consuming of all the sections.

It's been nice to feel well during an afternoon for once, and to be able to relax and just sew pieces for quilts. Little guy is feeling lonely because big brother started school last week, so he wanted to help me clean the sewing machine.
A great time to clean the machine and change needles, is in between projects!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. So sorry about the iron but at 10 years old I think it lived a good long life.

  2. I had to get a new iron 2 weeks ago, I stuck with Rowenta bc my old iron lasted 10 years, pre-hubby for me too.Good luck on your iron search!