Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Line of Duty

Such a sad day. A huge 9-alarm fire happened in Boston, MA, USA, today. That's between 20-30 fire trucks.

Last I heard, 2 firefighters died while fighting this fire, and several more were injured. We call that "fallen" or died "in the line of duty"--that firefighter is the thin line between you, the average person, and the danger. That term is also used for police officers.

The red line is used for the firefighter, and a blue line is used for police and sheriff.

May their families be blessed and comforted. May their fellow firefighters continue to fight strong and be comforted.

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  1. I saw the dramatic rescue that they showed on the news last night. It is always so sad when you hear of the people dying that work in these dangerous jobs - trying to keep people safe only to loose their own life.