Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hi !
Sue Pelland of www.suepellanddesigns.com recently called me a dynamo. The day I received her email, I didn't feel like a dynamo. But tonight I do!

I just finished the Silver-and-Gold block--and look, it really is silver and gold colored.

It is the fourth block in a row with Y-seams that i have just finished! Four LeMoyne-type stars with lots of diamonds and set-in patches. They are my favorite, but there are a lot of Y-seams. Some people hate them. Some people fear them. They just take practice.

I think I've done quite well, even on tiny spurts of time that I have right now. All four blocks took me several weeks to complete, but tah-Dah!

Y-seam dynamo, at your service!

Anyone have ideas on how to help make the centers lay a little flatter with all that bulk? Yes, I did press all the seams joining the diamonds flat.


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  1. it all has to do with the way you press your seams - here is a link to an example from the Quilt Show, http://www.thequiltshow.com/os/images/projects/10130.pdf