Thursday, March 6, 2014

Teacher gifts???

Serious question:

What do you think of teacher gifts?
My son has autism. He is in a special classroom just for kids with autism. This is his second year with the same teacher in the same unit. He has a main teacher (contracted, licensed teacher), with three assistants/techs (hourly wage probably with no teaching degree).

It looks like he is ready to move on to another classroom that is higher-functioning and more academic, for next year. Yay!!!!!

I just don't have a lot of time right now, but I'd sure like to do something for his teacher. But do I make something just for her, or something for each of the assistants as well?

Is something like Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day "Hugs n Kisses" appropriate for a teacher gift? I like this pattern because it makes a bunch of projects from one layer cake.
And I would use the Autism fabric by Riley Blake.


  1. As a teacher, I can say that I appreciate gifts; they don't even have to be large. It's simply nice to know that we're appreciated. I would say that it would be appropriate to give "uneven" gifts to the teacher and techs. If you feel bad giving nothing to the techs, may you could make a spare block or two and turn it into a tote, or bundle a little mug rug with a box of tea. I think the autism fabric would be really special to the teacher. Trust me though, like I said, even when the gesture is small we appreciate it. Sometimes even a card makes my day :-)

  2. From someone that has made a lot of teacher thank you gift quilts these past 2 years all I will say is to keep it really simple, especially at this point in the school year.