Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'd rather be quilting

and not mending. I had a pile of mending tonight: my husband's shorts, his uniform job shirt, and patching knees in little jeans. I sandwiched that pile in between finishing two blocks, and putting together the units for the yellow/gray quilt.
I broke a needle, switched between an 80 needle and a 90 needle, switched thread colors 5 times, and filled a bobbin. Re-threading my machine is easy-peasy, but I guess it's one of my hang ups. I hate stopping what I'm doing to change colors.

I'm so happy I did the two LeMoyne blocks together: the Silver and Gold, and the Liberty Star/Tennessee. It was a lot of set-in seams all at once, but assembly-lining all those units wasn't so bad. And look at them- so very worth it!

And we took a family drive up the canyon mountain loop, which we do every fall, and admire all the amazing colors! More ideas for the fall quilt I want to make sometime. It would be stunning to have brightly colored leaf blocks, with dark greens in pine tree blocks--just like our mountains. And probably gray rock or light rust red for backgrounds, for the red dirt we have all over the state and up our mountains. It really is stunning! Someday I will get it out of my head and into fabric.

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  1. I'd rather be quilting than most other things myself.