Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time out for Halloween!

We finally had a bit of money to get my little guy a costume. I made little brother's costume last year, but he really didn't understand nor want to wear it last year. Now he's totally into Halloween and it still fits, so we'll try it out. I got a cute Butterick pattern that makes cats/lions/leopards depending on your fabric and trim, a bunny, a monkey, and a bear. I made Little brother's bear with bright yellow fleece, then put on a plain red t-shirt: instant Winnie-the-Pooh!
I went to Walmart on Monday to see what I could find for big brother for school, and couldn't find anything he would like. So I planned ahead and had the pattern with me, and went straight to the fabric section to get stuff to make him Kung Fu Panda Po!
I spent all afternoon/evening Monday, cutting out the pieces. Then I spent all afternoon yesterday sewing. It was made a bit harder because my serger didn't like the thick fleece layers, and kept skipping stitches, so I had to go over parts of seams with my sewing machine. I nearly finished when I had to stop for dinner and go to work.

I pulled in from work at 02:15 and went straight to the sewing room. I had to top stitch the hood, stitch the Velcro on the hood, and hand stitch the hood lining opening together. Oh yeah, and slip stitch the tail and tail stay together. I just didn't have time to make pants, so I dug his khaki shorts out of his drawer and pinned the tail to his shorts. I finished at 3 am! The bus came at 7:30.
You should have seen his dazzling smile when I took his picture this morning, because he loves Kung Fu Panda.
Ugh, I went back to bed after I put him on the bus!

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  1. That was some marathon session. Hopefully you plan earlier next year?