Monday, February 4, 2013


Tee heee heee!
So I just got my hubby to participate in my quilting!
I'm trying to decide how I want to finish my Quilt U Be Mine, and I have wanted to make a whole border of Celtic knot appliqué. I found a knot border that I like, that is a quilting motif in Quiltmaker's "501 Quilting Motifs", called Celtic Chain. The only problem is that the quilting motif doesn't have any indications of where the threads should cross each other, or over and under, to tie together.

I made a printer copy for a scratch sheet and sat down in the love seat with my hubby: "help me figure out how to "tie" these knots". My hubby is a firefighter, and recently took his test for promotions to Senior Firefighter. One of the parts of the practical test was knot tying, and each knot had to be tied in a certain # of seconds, and I was helping to time him. I thought this Celtic knot looked a little like some of the knots he was tying, so he could help me figure it out.

We think about it a little differently, and visualize it differently too, but together we figured it out. We used colored pencils to help us color them in. It was a fun 20 minutes, and I love it when we can help each other out, and combine our areas of expertise and interests creatively. I appreciate it when I can get his input in my quilting.

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  1. Great idea and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.