Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short supply

What happens when you try to finish a bunch of projects all at once? You start using up all your supplies!

1--Monday I had to buy more quilting thread for the fire truck quilts, and quilting needles, and regular needles!

2--Today I need to go to the fabric store for more background fabric, and fusible tape rolls for the Celtic borders in Quilt U Be Mine.

This past week, I have a bunch of near finishes!
1--I have been sewing binding on the yellow quilt. That's done, and the label is embroidered and fused on--just hand-stitching! Then pictures and ready to gift!

2--I have been quilting the fire truck quilts (how often do you use up your bobbin and spool of thread at the exact same time!!!!)

3--and got my center star done for Starburst Quilt Along.

4--I copied, cut and taped together the Celtic border design I want to use for Quilt U Be Mine.... Cleaned up, and two days later, I went back to pull it out so I could start putting it together, and couldn't find it anywhere!!!!!!!! Aaaagghhhh! I wasted two hours of precious time Sunday night looking for it, when i should have been cutting squares and making continuous bias strips.
My only guess is that a certain little guy, who loves to color and crumple paper, snagged it and possibly threw it away when he was done with it.
So yesterday, I copied and cut and colored and taped another one together. (I used the Celtic Chain border from Quiltmaker's 501 Quilting Motifs. But the motif doesn't have indications on where the knot should be "tied", I.e. which strands cross over and under each other. Luckily, has a lovely wedding ring band with the exact knot I'm using, so I was able to snap a screen shot of the ring to use as a reference!

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