Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Week's Worth

Gee, it seems like I've barely been able to squeak a post a week lately, huh?

I've been busy, but with a lot of WIPs. I guess I haven't felt like I've made a lot of progress on my WIPs. I need to keep stopping to get supplies and wait for $ to get them.

Oh yeah, and my little guy is finally potty-training, and he's doing awesome! That's been taking quite a bit of my time, but he's managing to do most of it himself! He's the one with Autism.....just like so many other skills, it seems he takes forever to learn something or catch on, and then suddenly a switch is flipped, the lights come on, and he just does something!!!! So proud of him!

I kept myself busy while my hubby was in Vegas for the NASCAR race. I was busy making continuous bias strips and weaving knots for the Quilt U Be Mine borders.
Then it took me several days to fudge and fit my way through adding my final blocks, and also the background fabric to the quilt for those borders. I was so frustrated! I have decided that I'm not a modern quilter because my style is not helter-skelter, fit and fudge and tweak and throw it down. I hate all that. I like everything precise and balanced, and execution and good quality work is super-important to me! Even, balanced, and accurate seam allowances are a must. I might try new things, and learn some tips and tricks to help me, and I might incorporate some techniques or designs that are considered contemporary.

Anyway, when my hubby got home from Vegas, he took a look at the knots, and told me I needed fabric with more contrast for the corner knots. Grrrr. If thats the case, then more fabric needs to be bought (and more bias made!!!) since all the fabric I used for the Quilt U Be Mine was really close in tone and shade (medium reds and darker burgundy). He also told me I just should have used two alternating colors in very contrasting reds, so the knots would "pop" a bit more. Yeah, maybe he's right in all counts, but I'm doing my best to use fabric I have, and not buy more. Surely he appreciates that!

And then I was making continuous bias binding for the fire truck quilts.

Tonight, I got the back pieced together for the Starburst. Whew! That's all I got to, tonight.

I also made a little stencil with a firefighter Maltese cross, and I will hand-quilt the cross in the corner posts of the fire truck quilts. LOL to myself. I used the graphic from my hubby's department T-shirt to trace and copy, then traced it onto stencil plastic and cut out the stencil with my Fiskars craft knife. I call that being creative, because the graphic in the T-shirt was the perfect size for the posts!

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  1. I like what you are doing with the knots but that is way more work than I'd do. It will be so worth it in the end.