Saturday, March 16, 2013

Worldwide Quilting Day!

Yay! There is a holiday to celebrate my favorite obsession/hobby!
I've been having a lot of fun this week, and today, following the official Worldwide Quilting Day blog, adding my two cents in the comments. And I made a point to visit as many of my favorite quilting blogs today as I could!

And what have I been doing today? Besides wrangling two busy little guys? And visiting the park with them because of the beautiful spring weather?

1--I cut apart my continuous binding for the corners of the Celtic knot border. Rescued some of it from being cut apart and used as ribbons to tie up a certain someone's little bicycle..... And tonight I've started making it fusible with the Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker.

2-- Then I traced the stencil for the Maltese Cross quilting motif onto the little fire truck quilts.

3-- i hemmed a pair of store-bought jeans. I found a size that fit me, but was in a "tall". So before I could wear them, I had to hem them up. Then, because of my body shape, I always need to add more belt loops because the pants ride down and the belt stays where I need the pants to sit! Commercial pants never seem to have enough belt loops. I have made several lengths of finished strips in different colors so that I can add them to pants quickly after I buy them.

And it's so close to St Patrick's Day, that I'm listening to Celtic music as I write. :-)


  1. Happy quilting day and St. Patrick's day! You have been very busy! Enjoy.

  2. So happy to have you come join my sew-cial to celebrate International Quilt Day. You certainly captured the spirit of this sew-cial.