Sunday, September 1, 2013

August finish

August fly by so fast!
My birthday month is done, so it's time to see what I accomplished.

1--Secret-Sister Swap project done, and sent in the mail. I can't wait to see what she thinks! The participants should blog when they receive their gifts, so I will post again when I see that my sister has received hers from me.

2--I finished my experiment into bag-making and zippers in pouches/bags. I received an answer from Coats and Clark's Facebook: the zipper made up the difference of the pouch length--I used a regular poly zipper, and the pattern called for a larger, thicker "fashion" zipper. It wasn't a typo, and it wasn't me cutting wrong!

3--I finished paper-piecing all the rescue vehicles! It took me 3 nights to finish the ladder sections of the ladder truck, and a few hours to join all the sections. Then I cut the bumper and background strips.
It was the last week of the month, but I was taking my time--I need relax time, not more rush time. And I just can't seem to make myself do anything quickly these days....18 weeks pregnant now and I'm just sluggish!

3--I made salsa of Friday! It's my second year with this recipe, and I tossed in more seeds from peppers, so it turned out with just the right amount of heat for me. I need mild, with just a mild kick and warmth--I like to taste the salsa and the food it's on, not just burn!

It took me from 07:30 to midnight. Lots of stops for taking care of me and the boys. It took me till 4:30 in the afternoon just to finish peeling and chopping tomatoes and onions. I prepped the peppers, adding in the seeds, then used the pulse on the food processor, since my wrists and fingers were sore. All the veggies finally got mixed together and I started cooking. It was finally ready to bottle and start processing in the boiling water canner at 10:30. I finished up the last batch at 12:15 am and washed the million pots and bowls and strainers.

I accomplished 14 pint jars of salsa, and 6 pints of tomato juice (draining the tomatoes and onions--I like chunky, not runny salsa).

Here's the juice. Don't you love the cute star block-printed towel set that I have!?

My body is still very sore, and I really overdid it. I aggravated the tendinitis, and my hands go alternately numb and super-tingly every few minutes. I woke up Saturday morning, and couldn't open or close my hands, with the swelling and numbness. I have no strength in my grip, so I couldn't even hold my phone to type and write a post till today. Tylenol is the only medicine I can take while pregnant, so no ibuprofen to help with the swelling.

Hubby got home from the fire station this morning, so I guess he's cooking tonight!


  1. Winderful block and your tomatoes look yummiest.
    Have a fun week.

  2. The fire trucks are fantastic and the salsa looks so yummy. Sorry about the hand. I know exactly what that is like. You desperately need a splint to wear especially at night and you need to give it a bunch of time to heal. The more you agrivate it the worse it will feel.