Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday Cake

So my little guy S. turned 7 today. Time sure flies. He is such a smart, sweet, handsome little guy with an Irish sense of humor. He gets that same mischievous grin that his dad does. And the Autism just makes him even more amazing.

Who can resist that smile????

I'm trying to keep everything simple because I just can't handle a lot. I think I've got an ear infection, so I feel like crap. I can't lift or hold onto anything very long because of my hands. So no monumental cake decorating this time.

In fact, our conversation went like this:
"S., do you want a circle cake or a rectangle cake?"
"A rectangle cake"
"Do you want a chocolate or a white cake?"
"Chocolate cake"
"Do you want chocolate frosting or white frosting?"
"White frosting"
And J. pops in with "no, chocolate frosting" (J. is my little partner in chocoholics anonymous in our household.)
So homemade cake from scratch, with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting. I had a bit of leftover chocolate frosting in the fridge, so I used it to write on the cake. S. decided how to line up the candles and count them, but it still looked plain.

Tah-Dah! Who said you couldn't practice a little FMQ on a cake? I used my favorite continuous swirl border around the writing and candles!

He was so excited to have a cake and blow out the candles. Although, he was every adamant about not eating any, but made sure everyone else got shared with. He doesn't eat chocolate, candy, suckers, ice cream, not a lot of sweet stuff. He sure loves participating in class and Halloween and Christmas, but won't eat the treats. Layely he even says "I will being this home for J.") He eats Goldfish, vanilla wafers, frosted Circus animal cookies, graham crackers, for treats. The only meat he eats is chicken nuggets, and eats only textures like applesauce and baby food veggies. Lots of chocolate milk and plain apple juice and water. Mac n cheese and chicken-flavored Lipton easy noodles. Nutrigrain bars and Sun Chips.

Little J eating Christmas Hershey's Kisses.

And their favorite new toy that they received for Christmas. everyone needs a place to hide and de-stress and cuddle, right?

I want to make everything as typical as possible for him, and his birthday special. That means we take the Christmas tree and decorations down on Dec 27.
So most of our celebrations are small, with my hubby's brothers and mom coming over to our house. I'm grateful to not need to cook today, because they brought pizza with them. I think S. likes playing with his uncles more than the presents he received, but he is sure a sweetheart when it comes to receiving and saying "Thank You".

Anyway, it was a great ending to a great week, despite me and him being a bit sick.

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