Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Swoon pillow quilting


I've finished the quilting on the Swoon pillow. It was great practice, and good testing material for designs.
I have really enjoyed Angela Walter's Dot-to-Dot Quilting class on Craftsy. This is a great resource for anyone. She's a great teacher, and is really great with support, encouragement, and answering questions.

I guess it's a little difficult to tell from these pictures. The iPad always gets better pictures than my iPhone.
But the back is really great reference for the rest of the quilt.

1--Love the corner backgrounds, and background in the flying geese that make the center star points, as well as the background between the outer star points.

2-I plan on doing a different motif in the center of each star.

3--I think it's important for me to find paler thread to match the colors in the blocks. And use white in the white background prints.

4--ditch the curved outlines in the diamonds. It looks messy. I will stick with straight diamond shapes echoing the diamonds, like in the corner below.

5--Also, I will not do the curves in the background triangles around the center star and in the center-star points. I will do straight diamond halves to emphasize the triangles. Or do echoing straight triangles.

7--so happy I found the designs for the pentagon-shaped star points! Thanks to Angela Walters for pointing me to her blog posts about personally quilting Swoon quilts, where I found the inspiration for the pentagons. (They are combined variations of the Starburst and Lattice designs she teaches.)  I love it when the teacher has worked on the same block and quilt that you have!

Now I'm ready to make the pillow cover and buy a gigantic 24" pillow form. 

Anyone know a good tutorial for removable, washable throw pillow slipcovers?

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  1. I have started doing a good many pillows and I put in an invisible zipper. They are easy peasy! This is one good tutorial: This is a good tutorial for a hidden zipper: