Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Finish

Wow! 2013 flew by!

After reviewing and re-prioritizing my goals, I guess I got more done than I thought.

1--Yes! I got that Swoon pillow done tonight! Not in time for S.'s birthday, but close enough.

Nice hidden lapped zipper, huh?

2--yes! I definitely got those Cars pillowcases done. S. loved those for his Christmas gift.

3--Yes! I finished copying and printing all the templates, foundations, and cutting instructions for the baby's star quilt.
I just had to give up hopes of getting anything else done on that. The condition of my hands is just not going to let me. That will need to wait until after the baby arrives, and the swelling hopefully subsides to the point where it no longer affects the nerves and tendons in my wrists.

4--Yes, I did manage to finish stabilizing the Swoon quilt. I did find some thread that matched. And I did manage to start quilting a few block spaces around the edge of the quilt.
I work with a nurse in the ER who happens to live about two miles from me, and who offered that I could come over and use her Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen. I gave her a call, and she said we could figure out a time after the holidays. (Hopefully, I'll get some quilting in before the baby comes!)

I got more done in December than I thought, with something on each of my goals.
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  1. Good for you for getting something accomplished. And I'm glad that you took it easy on your hands. They've been through a ton of stress lately and really need some serious healing time.