Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucky me

Lucky Lucky Me!

Now I sound like Lola from "Charlie and Lola" on Disney Junior.

I think I totally forgot to post about the Kate Spain Charm Swap Round 2, hosted by Michele at Quilts From My Crayon Box. Aren't they lively and lovely?!!!

April and May were pretty lucky for me. I won several giveaways!

Quiltmaker Magazine's 100 Block Tour:
I won two times!

Once from QM itself: I won a copy of 100 Blocks Vol 9, and a pattern book from Accuquilt for their cutting machines. Not that I have an Accuquilt to use it with, but the patterns are nice.

The other QM 100 Blocks win was from Sassafras Lane. I received a copy of 100 Blocks Vol 9 and several of their latest patterns! I think it's so cute that all of their patterns are named like street names.

Next, Pile O'Fabric had their two-year blogiversary, and I won a gift certificate to Pink Door Fabrics' Etsy shop!
I chose the Sidekick Ruler and Hex n' More Ruler from Jaybird Quilts. And they didn't have the patterns I wanted to go with the rulers, so they were sweet enough to order the patterns for me! I chose Night Sky and Rock Candy. I might use some of those Kate Spain charms for a Rock Candy!
I recommend Pink Door Fabrics and they are definitely on my Etsy favorites list to order from in the future. They have cute fabric and are super easy and nice to work with. Very fast turnaround, too.

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