Monday, May 26, 2014

Sewjo weekend

Under pressure!
But having fun!
Developing and then getting into a rhythm for FMQ is really great. I wish I could finish quilts more quickly so that I could practice more quilting on them!

I was able to do all the quilting for these five mug rugs in about the last three days.

These little mug rugs are so adorable! I hope they mean a lot to my son's teachers. It's been a lot of fun trying newly learned techniques and designs and some I'm more comfortable with, too.

For example, I finally found a tutorial for puzzle piece quilting! And it's really simple! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to FMQ straight lines, even with a ruled line, but I think I did alright. Perfect for filling in negative space on my autism projects. This tutorial was by The Inbox Jaunt.

When I felt comfortable with my practice sandwich, I started on the rugs. The puzzle print is super cute and already "marked" for me.

To give you some perspective, the puzzle print is small. About two puzzle pieces to the inch! There's my ruler and my bobbin to compare the size. So, these little puzzle pieces were more labor intensive than I thought, but really fun and easy. And produced lots of lint!

Just look at the depth and "pop" that the quilting in the puzzle pieces gives the border!

The puzzles don't look as great on the back, but they'll be alright once I trim and put binding on.

Now on to trimming and binding !

Yikes, anyone have a great tutorial for fast machine binding that the stitching on the back isn't visible from the front?

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And goodnight.

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  1. Those are great gifts! Your son's teachers are very lucky! Thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!