Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More pins please

Yesterday, I was in the middle of pin-basting the Autism HST star quilt, and I ran out of basting safety pins!  Oops, I guess it would help if I didn't have pins still in two other quilts that need to be quilted!

I took a quick (what's quick when you're taking a baby, 7-yr-old and 5-yr-old with you?) trip to the JoAnn, to pick up more pins. I love it when I can get nearly everything cheaper with their coupons! And I stuck to my list and my self-imposed budget too!

Here is the backing:

And here is the top, without the final border (last week).

Now, after looking at the picture, I wish I'd done things just a little differently. But overall, I'm really pleased.

After JoAnn, we visited the pond with the playground. Boy, was it hot! Then we visited the local small quilt show, the Peteetneet Quilt Show. The boys weren't quite so well-behaved at this point, even after the park!  More on the quilt show later.

More basting, here I come!

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